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Design + innovation, quality + playability are the principles of our craft. Each guitar is built by hand at our workshop near Berlin, Germany.


The Deimel Firestar is a new classic tool for creative and modern guitar music. It comes with a veriety of features and add ons.

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A classic »vintage-like« feel and the the essence of two iconic guitar designs are the main originators for the creation of the Deimel Doublestar.

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TEXTA classic »vintage-like« feel and the the essence of two iconic guitar designs were the main originators for the creation of this all new Deimel Doublestar.

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Collaborating with the musician for unusual projects is a challenging and exciting work process for us. Please be aware, we do not make any copies of existing guitars.

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Deimel Singlestar »Deluxe«

Body: Khaya mahogany with eastern curly maple top; Neck: Glued in khaya mahogany neck; Fretboard: Rosewood; Inlays: Pearl dots; Frets: 22, Stewmac 0158 Pyramid; Scale length: 25.5”, compound radius 9.5” to 12”; Neck shape: 59 medium fat; Headstock: Black fiber with pearl logo inlay, 3L3R; Nut: Unbleached bone; Glue: Polyurethan epoxy glue; Color: Lemon fog, faded plum on mahogany; Back plates: Bakelite; Pickups: TV Jones T-Armond, soapbar mount, neck & bridge; Bridge: Deimel Vibratone; Tuners: Tone Pros Kluson style, satin nickel with tulip buttons; Switches: 3-way Gotoh toggle with gold contacts; Knobs: Glendale »Vintage Raw Deal«; Pots: 2 CTS 500kOhm Vol, 1 CTS 500 kOhm Tone; Caps: .022mfd Sprague NOS Black Beauty; Wire: Cotton push back, braided shield wire, 7 stranded; Output: Switchcraft, Schaller output plate, satin; Case: Hiscox with Deimel logoBUY NOW

Deimel Firestar Artist Edition »Berlin«

This first Deimel Firestar Artist Edition combines the colorful flatness of Kora Jünger’s paintings and drawings with Franks technical tweeks and spins. Berlin was 2014 our home base and the location of the first Holy Grail Guitar Show. Living in Berlin, we could feel the power and creativity of all artists and young people from all over the worlds coming together.

Body: Red alder chambered, maple veneer on top; Neck: Canadian hard rock maple; Fretboard: Rosewood; Inlays: Custom; Frets: 21; Scale length: 25.5”, compound radius 9.5” to 12”; Neck shape: Medium Fat 59JM; Headstock: matching headstock with with decal logo; Nut: Unbleached bone; Color: Artist edition by Kora Jünger; Pickups: Deimel JM90 bridge, Deimel Jag-V neck; built in piezo; Bridge: Mastery M1; Vibrato: Polished Mastery OMV Deimel; Tuners: Sperzel, magenta; Knobs: Witch hats, black; Switches: Pickup Leslee on/off with speed control; 3-way toggle with gold contacts; Case: Hiscox with Deimel logoBUY NOW