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Deimel Severus / Kalle Kalima

Deimel Severus
Deimel Severus

Kalle Kalima is a very interesting guitarist, who developed a unique jazz guitar style on its own. Similar to Barbara Jungfer, he also showed me his Ibanez John Scofield Semi Acoustic in order to see what he had been playing previously. He asked me about a solid body, but with the same neck like his Ibanez he is used to. The overall body design was basically an ergonomic decision. I showed him some of my earlier works and told him about my love for offset waist bodies. Anybody who has played this kind of body design, never complains since the guitar just sits or hangs on you completely comfortable. The big advantage is, besides of its good look, that you basically forget about the instrument and just play your notes!
Kalle wanted to have a simple ”true guitar look” and we just decided for light Honduras mahogany to construct the guitar. He was very concerned about getting a vast variety of sounds out of it, to have a new, experimental base for his musical style.
We took a L.R.Baggs X-Bridge, which produces a real Piezo Western guitar sound and a variety of passive pickups, which include a Joe Barden Two Tone, an old Tele-Rhytm (rewound), and a Gibson P 100. All these pickups were meticulously chosen by Kalle and myself in order to produce classic sounds, but also new sounds, when used in combination. So a 5-way Megaswitch combines them all in a useful manner and without any single coil hum. When mixed with the Piezo Volume there are so many variations to choose from, that he still can find new sounds even after all this years he has been already using it.