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Design + innovation, quality + playability are the principles of our craft. Each guitar is hand crafted in our workshop close to Berlin, Germany.

Deimel Firestar

The Deimel Firestar is a new classic tool for creative and modern guitar music. It comes with a veriety of features and add ons as for example the built in piezo disc, built in LesLee® or kill switch, just to mention a few.  Find out more …

Deimel Firestar Artist Edition

The Deimel Firestar Artist Edition are an intense collaboration between Frank and his artist wife Kora. All Artist Editions are equipped with a Deimel Vibratone and a built in LesLee®. Find out more …

Deimel Doublestar

A classic »vintage-like« feel and the the essence of two iconic guitar designs are the main originators for the creation of the Deimel Doublestar. Find out more …

Deimel Singlestar

The Deimel Singlestar is the successful variation of the Deimel Doublestar: the left cutaway is closed. This results in a stiffer bass response and even more sustain on all strings. Find out more …

the experimental guitar - Deimel Firestar

The Experimental Guitar – Deimel Firestar

With the experimental Deimel Firestar endless combinations inspire to yet unheard guitar textures, directly controlled by the player during his performance in order to unfold the creative, intuitive process with the guitar.  Find out more …

Deimel Firestar Ellipse

Deimel Firestar Ellipse

The Deimel Firestar Ellipse, a modern touch to the classic Deimel Deimel Firestar Read more …

Deimel Bluestar

Deimel Bluestar

The Deimel Bluestar is an offset model that we first developed for Kalle Kalima, a finish Jazz guitarist. More information is coming soon. In the meanwhile, just contact us directly.

Deimel Firestar Bass

The Deime Firestar Bass is born as a sibling bass of the very successful Deimel Firestar guitar. Being designed in the same manner as the Firestar guitar, the fusion of traditionally proven bass designs move onto a new step of comfort and elegance. Find out more …



Kids guitar workshop

Kids Workshop in Berlin

Building your own electric guitar and amplifier – workshop for kids and parents incl. music session
In this workshop you build your own original three-string electric guitar and a small amplifier. This is an opportunity to learn everything from how the guitar works to how to play the sound. We invited two guitar craftsmen for the workshop:
José Malaquias of The Inventors from Lisbon, Portugal and
Frank Deimel from Deimel Guitarworks from Brandenburg.
Right after the completion of the guitar set, there will be a joint introduction and live session together with Dirk Dresselhaus of Schneider TM and all workshop participants, which will be recorded  and later can be listened to at home. Languages: German, English, Portuguese
Date: 02.11.2019 / 15:00 – 20:00 h
Participation fee incl. Electric guitar, amplifier, session & recording:
69,- € per guitar kit. Registration is until 21st of October.
For more information visit
or contact us directly!
Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020

The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020

We are proud to be part of the next and very last Holy Grail Guitar Show taking place in Berlin 1 + 2 May 2020!


Andreas Bayless of Söhne Mannheims

New guitar for Andreas Bayless of Söhne Mannheims

Just recently we delivered the third Deimel Firestar to Andreas Bayless of Söhne Mannheims.

Deimel Firestar Ellipse »Russian Army Style«

Kora, Frank und Max

New guitar for Max Gruber of Drangsal

Max Gruber of Drangsal came to pick up his guitar just recently.

Frank Deimel and Rainer Oleak

New guitar for music composer Rainer Oleak

Rainer Oleak dropped by the other day to pick up his second Deimel guitar: a Deimel Firestar Baritone.

Vitja Laibach Deimel Firestar

New guitar for Vitja Balžalorsky of Laibach

Following the art and music of Laibach for many years, we were really excited to build a Deimel Firestar for Vitja Balžalorsky of Laibach.


»1001 Guitars to Dream of Playing Before You Die«

We only found out recently that we are part of Terry Burrows book »1001 Guitars to Dream of Playing Before You Die«

Brandenburg Zitty Deimel Guitarworks

Featured at Zitty BRANDENBURG magazine 2019/2020

Proud to be part of the newest yearly published BRANDENBURG magazine, a special edition for all Berliners featuring the best Brandenburg escapes!!!

Instgram Deimel Guitarworks on the bench

New Instagram feed for your builds …

You are wondering about the status of your guitar build? We recently started a new Instagram feed  called »deimelguitarworks_onthebench«. It shows the most recent production steps in our workshop. The photos are tagged with the serial number of your guitar that we send you with the order confirmation. For example if your Deimel Firestar has the serial number #145, just search on Instagram for #deimelfirestar145 . If your Deimel Doublestar has the serial number #024, just search on Instagram for #deimeldoublestar024 . This way we keep it anonymously, but you are still able to share the progress with your friends and family by telling them the right hashtag. If you want to be marked with your name or band, just let us know!


Since 2016 Deimel Guitarworks is partner of the the network SubMat4Music, coordinated and managed by Professor Alexander Pfriem’s Lab Group at the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde. Together as SubMat4Music  we want to create new acoustic possibilities. Our mission is to reproduce and improve acoustic properties of tonewoods and to create long-lasting products with a high customer acceptance.