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Bellstar Bass / Michael Kemner – Fehlfarben

»Since Michael lives round the corner, he passed by my studio one day. He was looking for a classic looking, solid sounding bass guitar. He found my first bass model, called »Bellstar« on the internet, and immediatly liked it. We went from there and decided more on the look and feel than on the construction. He wanted a light and comfortable bass, so one piece of light swamp ash was my choice. Light Hipshot aluminum bridge plus Hipshot ultralight tuners let it be a wearable weight. The strings can be either mounted from the back through the body, or from the top of the bridge. One of the greatest sounding Precision type Bass pickups for me is the Seymour Duncan Antiquity »The Pride«, which was installed here. A classic blond finish and a tortoise celluloid pickguard were his choice for the look.«

Body: One piece swamp ash
Neck: Canadian hard rock maple
Fretboard: Indian rosewood
Scale length: Long Scale
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Antiquity “The Pride”
Bridge: Hipshot style B aluminum bridge
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralight
Circuit: Volume, Tone

Deimel »Bellstar« Bass / Michael Kemner - Fehlfarben