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Deimel Custom


Frank has built plenty of instruments in collaboration with the musician and we are always looking for new challenges. But please, we don’t do copies of existing manufacturers. Do you have a special idea for a special guitar? You can contact us directly via e-mail:

Deimel 7-String

Deimel 7-String

Frank Deimel + Heinz Rebellius, BowZen »Pine Rose«

BowZen »Pine Rose«

Deimel Custom for Barbara Jungfer

Unique Jazz Guitar / Barbara Jungfer

»Barbara Jungfer asked for a unique jazz guitar, a comfortable small unit with a semi-hollow sound. She was playing an Ibanez JSM 100VT Semi Acoustic before, so we took the measurement of the neck, scale, radius, fret size, etc. to get the same feel on the neck. Together we designed the body shape, which basically comes from the classic offsset waist designs like Jazzmaster and Jaguar. Barbara wanted it more unique, so it became a more individual shape especially on the upper horn …« Read more …

Deimel 12-String / Sonic Youth cover

12-String / Lee Ranaldo

This guitar is an experimental edition of the offset waist series Frank did together with Pascal Stoffels. »We just wanted to put anything that came up in our minds into one guitar. Since we both loved the sound of Sonic Youth we wanted this guitar to be the ideal »Sonic Youth« guitar.« Read more …

Dirk von Lowtzow / Tocotronic

Custom Offset / Dirk von Lowtzow – Tocotronic

»Dirk bought a guitar out of the blue, which was one of a few homages towards classic offset waist guitars. Working together with my friend Pascal Stoffels on this topic we used a slightly smaller body and unique …« Read more …

Deimel Neck Through / Andreas Willers

Neck Through / Andreas Willers

»Andreas Willers contacted me to get a custom made guitar which suits his personal wishes. His main guitar is a 1959 Gibson 335. He did not want to take this »beauty« on the road anymore and besides of that he wished for something more solid and special …« Read more …

Deimel Severus

Deimel Severus / Kalle Kalima

Kalle Kalima is a very interesting guitarist, who developed a unique jazz guitar style on its own. Similar to Barbara Jungfer, he also showed me his Ibanez John Scofield Semi Acoustic in order to see what he had been playing previously. He asked me about a solid body, but with the same neck like his Ibanez he is used to. The overall body design was basically an ergonomic decision … Read more

Deimel Hollow Custom / Michael Rodach

Hollow Custom / Michael Rodach

»Michael Rodach had a very special idea about a custom guitar: he really wanted an ideal tool for his playing style, which comes from a classical education, but finds its home almost everywhere. He combines playing techniques from classic and jazz playing and also likes sounds which are between those two worlds. To build an instrument, which reflects all those ideas, was our goal. First he brought in a chinese Semi Western guitar, where he liked the simple body outline and the small body, although it had a complete hollow construction …« Read more

Deimel »Treasure Island« / Nikki Sudden

»Treasure Island« / Nikki Sudden

»Nikki Sudden (R.I.P.) ordered a 5-string pirate guitar. Beeing a big Stone Fan, he found a guitar plan in one of the older Rolling Stones books, which I remembered as well. It was a 5-string from Ted Newman Jones III, who had built it for Keith Richards. We took this design as a basis on our own design, and developed Nikkis pirate dream guitar, which was supposed to mainly be used for recording his album »Treasure Island« back then …« Read more …