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Neck Through / Andreas Willers

»Andreas Willers contacted me to get a custom made guitar which suits his personal wishes. His main guitar is a 1959 Gibson 335. He did not want to take this „beauty“ on the road anymore and besides of that he wished for something more solid and special. After intense talks about all details we came along with a neck through body design, but only half: The neck is a one piece honduras mahogany, which protrudes towards the bridge as a sound core. The left part of the body should reflect the energy, and therefore being as light as possible. I constructed the guitar basically like a classic guitar. The bottom of the body is made of ultra light 3mm Mahogany, stabilized with spruce beams similar to acoustic guitar building. The top is a solid maple similar to a Les Paul, thinned out towards the sides, which are sawn out of one piece of mahogany wood.
All of this is glued together and gives the appropriate sound box standing towards the stiff 59 boat neck with rosewood fretboard. The whole guitar turned out to be very intensive work inside, but it looks completly simple from the outside. The final result is a very resonant and springy guitar with bass strings nowadays ringing like an organ.«

Body: ??
Neck: ??
Fretboard: ??
Scale: ??″
Saddle: Unbleached bone
Finish: Complete nitro weigh nitro grain filler, slightly tinted
Pickups: WCR crossroads
Bridge: ABM 2500 Tone”O”-matic, Gotoh aluminum tailpiece
Tuners: Kluson with Ebony knobs
Special:Pickguard and truss rod cover made out of blueish/green plexiglass

Deimel Neck Through / Andreas Willers
Gitarre&Bass Andreas Willers

Review at Gitarre&Bass 07/2011