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Unique Jazz Guitar / Barbara Jungfer

»Barbara Jungfer asked for a unique jazz guitar, a comfortable small unit with a semi-hollow sound. She was playing an Ibanez JSM 100VT Semi Acoustic before, so we took the measurement of the neck, scale, radius, fret size, etc. to get the same feel on the neck. Together we designed the body shape, which basically comes from the classic offsset waist designs like Jazzmaster and Jaguar. Barbara wanted it more unique, so it became a more individual shape especially on the upper horn. The construction of the body is based on a hollowed out mahogany block (one piece) with individual tone chambers. For the top we chose a 3mm ash wood, glued together in the middle, and stabilized with light spruce beams similar to an acoustic guitar. The center, where the bridge and pickups are located remained solid, but only until behind the bridge. The shape of the body is still retained like a Jazzmaster with arm rest and concave belly shape on the back. The overall weight resulted in a similar weight to her Ibanez, and the sound even reproduced a nice semi acoustic character, pretty close to the laminated Semi Acoustic guitars as »335« or similar models.«

Body: ??
Neck: ??
Fretboard: ??
Scale: ??″
Saddle: Unbleached bone
Finish: Complete nitro finish with nitro grain filler, ash-top opaque white
Pickups: Deimel Humbucker
Bridge: Duesenberg steel Tunomatic, Duesenberg aluminum tailpiece
Tuners: Kluson with ebony buttons