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Custom Offset / Dirk von Lowtzow – Tocotronic

Deimel Custom Offset for Dirk von Lowtzow / Tocotronic

»Dirk bought a guitar out of the blue, which was one of a few homages towards classic offset waist guitars. Working together with my friend Pascal Stoffels on this topic we used a slightly smaller body and unique electronics. This guitar carries a few extras like a blue anodized aluminum scratch plate, a Duesenberg Les Trem Tremolo, and blue tuner buttons! The pickup configuration also is quite unusual: It‘s a P 90 bridge pickup and a Telecaster-style rhythm pickup. Both provide a very useful rhythm sound and they even can be switched from serial to parallel, when used together. It is a very nice guitar for playing jangly rhythms and hyms. When we built this guitar we experimented also with piezo circular discs, which can be found in alarm technics or singing birthday greeting cards. These quite cheap pickups can be glued to any surface and they pick up any body resonation. So this guitar comes with this special feature and the results sound quite interesting, but experimental. You cannot compare it to any “real” piezo bridge, which is able to sound like an acoustic guitar. It‘s more like noise, but guitar noise at least!«

Body: American alder
Neck: Canadian hard rock maple
Fretboard: Indian rosewood fretboard, big frets
Color: Oiled white
Pickguard: Blue anodized aluminum
Pickups: Kluson Domino P 90, Seymour Duncan Telepickup
Bridge: Gotoh Tunamatic, Goeldo Les Trem
Tuners: Gotoh Kluson style with blue plastic buttons (one of a kind..)
Switches: On/off, serial/ parallel, piezo on/off, 3way toggle

Dirk von Lowtzow / Tocotronic