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Hollow Custom / Michael Rodach

Deimel Hollow Custom / Michael Rodach
Deimel Hollow Custom / Michael Rodach
Deimel Hollow Custom / Michael Rodach

»Michael Rodach had a very special idea about a custom guitar: he really wanted an ideal tool for his playing style, which comes from a classical education, but finds its home almost everywhere. He combines playing techniques from classic and jazz playing and also likes sounds which are between those two worlds. To build an instrument, which reflects all those ideas, was our goal. First he brought in a chinese Semi Western guitar, where he liked the simple body outline and the small body, although it had a complete hollow construction. Based on that we made some drawings pinning down what he liked personally so much about old guitars. It was very important for him, to have a wide neck, almost like one on a 1940 Martin parlor guitar he had shown me before. Also Michael liked to get a slotted headstock and inlay work similar to Martin guitars. The body was made in a classic manner with bent sides and a cedar top and various spruce bracings. My friend Susanne Spreng (luthier) helped me on that. The neck was constructed from one piece of Honduras mahogany, and is not glued in like a usual steel dusting guitar. Instead it is going through in one piece towards the bridge, and is glued to the cedar top. It is spared out a half inch throughout the entire body length and does not touch the back. The back is completely free, to reflect the vibrations and to produce enough bass. By doing this we could get control about any possible feedback, when played electronically with high volume. We chose a RMC pickup system, which has six individual pickups under each string, and an onboard circuit with accessible EQ.«

Body: Indian rosewood, ceder, with binding
Neck: Honduras mahogany
Fretboard: Ebony
Scale: 25,4″
Saddle: Fossil mammut
Finish: Ultra thin nitro
Pickups: RMC
Bridge: Handmade ebony
Tuners: Waverly