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Great review on Deimel Firestar Baritone

If you speak German, don’t miss the May/June 2018 edition of grandgtrs. We got a mayor review on our Deimel Firestar Baritone version. All Deimel Firestars are available with conversion necks.

GrandGtrs magazine

Deimel Firestar Bass japan press review

Deimel Firestar Bass featured at Bass Magazine, Japan 03/2017


Deimel Firestar Bass review at bassquarterly 07/08-2018

If you speak German, don’t miss the July/August 2018 edition of bassquarterly. We got a mayor review on our Deimel Firestar Bass.

bassquarterly magazine


We got the pole position on PremierGuitars Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 report. Check out the video here:

Deimel Guitarworks MOZ

Märkisch Oderland Zeitung, 05/2018

Full page article at regional daily newspaper about our work.

Reverb Presse

Hereinspaziert bei Deimel Guitarworks

Reverb hat uns dieser Tage interviewt und dabei ist ein sehr schönes und ausführliches Interview herausgekommen, welches ab sofort bei »Hereinspaziert« auf Reverb zu finden ist:

Superb block feature on our work!

We met James Philip Gascoigne aka »James’ Home of Tone« based in the UK at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018. Please have a closer look at his blog »James’ Home of Tone«. It is such a superb description of what we as Deimel Guitarworks and moreover as a family working in the field of guitar making stand for. Thanks James!

The Guitar Magazine Deimel Firestar review press

The Guitar Magazine 02/2018

Stunning review of the Deimel Firestar at the »The Guitar Magazine«, UK, February issue.

PremierGuitar Gear of The Year 2012

The Deimel Feierstar was honored with the Gear of the Year Award 2012!!!Read more

Gitarre&Bass 06/2012

Full article about the Deimel Doublestar »Bolt Tone«Read more

PremierGuitar 09/2012

2 page review on the Deimel FirestarRead more

Frankfurter Allgemeine 17-07-2012 Issue

Article about Deimel Guitarworks

Sonic Youth DVD cover

Gitarre&Bass 12-2055 Issue

Frank Deimel about the 12-string Deimel for Lee Ranaldo / Sonic YouthRead more

Frankfurter Allgemeine July 16-04-2013 Issue

Article about the Frankfurt Music Fair featuring Deimel Guitarworks

Story about the Flying VFL @ Gitarre&Bass

Check out Gitarre&Bass 2010/7Read more

The Guitar Knob Podcast – June 2017

Check ot the THE GUITAR KNOB PODCAST and listen to Frank Deimel and a bunch of other guys talking guitars …

Listen here

Gitarre&Bass Newsletter Oct 2016

We are happy to be cover girl on the second part of Gitarre&Bass NewsletterRead more

Gitarre&Bass 05/2014

Full story and test of a Deimel FirestarRead more

Guitar Connoisseur Summer/2015

Full lengths article about Frank Deimel and his LesLee inventionRead more

Guitar Extreme Magazine 05/2015

Biggest french guitar magazine reports about the Deimel Singlestar

Review @ Gitarre&Bass

Read more

Guitarist UK

Featuring Deimel guitars at music fair Frankfurt 2012

Review @ »No treble«

Read more

Review @ Gitarre&Bass

Check out Gitarre&Bass 2011/7Read more

Guitar Connoisseur Magazine – 12/2016

Check out Frank Deimel’s article about the LesLee® at Guitar Connoisseur Magazine. If you have ever asked yourself what a LesLee™ is or does, here are the answers.Read now

PremierGuitar Feb 2015

Check out PremierGuitar Feb 2015 issue having a 10 page full story of the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014.
One page features on the Deimel Firestar Artist Edition.Read now

GrandGtrs 01/2013

Double page review on the Deimel Firestar

deBassist Oct-Dec 2013 Issue

Double page review of the Deimel Firestar Bass

Gitarre&Bass review 10/2014

Great review on Deimel Singlestar at Gitarre&Bass issue 10/2014Read more

Review @ Gitarre&Bass 09/2013

Great review on Deimel PineRose at Gitarre&Bass 2013/9Read more

Gitarre&Bass 03/2007

Great review on Deimel Doublecaster DeluxeRead now

grand gtrs 09/2012

2 page article about Deimel Guitarworks and its guitar production