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Deimel Firestar »Desert Dawn« open grain, gloss

Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194
Deimel Firestar 194

Building time is currently 9-12 months.

Product Description

It’s the first time we made the open grain finish in gloss on this Deimel Firestar »Desert Dawn« and we like it a lot. Combined with a one piece »Champagne« anodized aluminum pickguard and all hand wound pickups, Deimel JM-V neck, Deimel HB bridge, and Deimel Jag behind bridge, in parchment white, it already feels like an all time classic! Electricity are a 4-way slider switch instead of toggle, 3 x potis for volume, tone, and bass cut, and 3 x slider switches on upper right: piezo on/off, pickup behind bridge on/off, out of phase.

Body wood: One piece swamp ash
Neck wood: One piece walnut
Neck wood treatment: Thermo treatment
Neck finish: Transparent laquer, matte
Fretboard wood: n/a
Fretboard inlays: MOP
Frets: 21, stainless steel
Nut: Unbleached bone
Glue: Polyurethane
Scale Length: Long Scale 25.5“ with compound radius 9.5“ to 12“
Neck Shape: Custom specs
Headstock: Matching headstock w/ decal logo, 6 tuners right
Tuner: Gotoh SDS510, nickel
Body varnish: »Desert Dawn«, open grain, thin nitro gloss
Aging: Matte aging of metal parts
Pickguard: One piece »Champagne«anodized aluminum
Pickup Neck: Hand wound Deimel JM-V, JM cover, parchment white
Pickup Bridge:  Hand wound Deimel HB, JM cover, parchment white
Pickup Behind Bridge:  Hand wound Deimel Jaguar, parchment white
Pickup Extra: built in piezo disc
Bridge: Mastery bridge
Vibrato: Mastery vibrato, brushed
Shielding: Additional shielding of electric department
- 4-way slider switch instead of toggle
- 3 x potis for volume, tone, and bass cut
- 3 x slider switches on upper right: piezo on/off, pickup behind bridge on/off, out of phase
- output on side
Knobs: 3 x witch hats, parchment white for volume, tone, and bass cut
Wire: Cotton push back, 7 stranded
Pots: CTS/Bourns
Capacitors: Mojotone TAD Pio, 22nf
Output: Switchcraft
Strings: D‘Addario
Case: Hiscox w/ Deimel logo

If you have decided on a guitar that is posted on our website, just contact us with the link to this instrument and we will get in touch with you asap. If you have custom ideas in mind, please fill out the prices and order form for the model you are interested in and send it to us via e-mail or mail. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us. We speak English, German, and Spanish!

When you order a guitar or bass, we build it especially for you. With order confirmation we ask for a 40 % deposit. Our current leading time is 9-12 months and you will be able to check the status of your instrument via a personal hashtag on Instagram. Once your guitar/bass is built, we will send you final pictures and the remaining amount is due before delivery. 

With order confirmation you will get your personal hashtag that allows you to keep track of your guitar on our Instagram account »deimelguitarworks_onthebench« How does it work? The feed shows the most recent production steps in our workshop. We tag each photo with the hashtag of those instruments that we are currently working on and appear on the photo. This way it stays fully anonymously, but you can share the progress with your friends and family by sending them your special hashtag. If you want to be marked with your name or band, just let us know!

For all Deimel Firestar guitars you can choose from the following 4 different scales without paying extra:
Short Scale 24.75″ / 628,65 mm
Middle Scale 25″ / 635 mm
Long Scale 25.5″/ 647,7 mm
Baritone Scale 28.62″ / 727,02 mm

It is also possible to order a second neck with a different scale for exchange. Read more …

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    All Deimel guitars are hand made by Frank Deimel. We offer a limited lifetime warranty to all our customers. Read our Terms&Conditions for further information.

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    Deimel Firestar


    Mastery Bridge M1 + Mastery MV Vibrato



    3rd pickup behind bridge, built in piezo disk, Matching headstock, Thermo treated wood


    Any anodized aluminum, Champagne anodized aluminium

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    Humbucker, Single Coil

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