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Deimel Firestar Artist Edition »RESISTANCE« w/ LesLee

$ 6.640,00

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This Deimel Firestar Artist Edition is the 4th of it’s kind with exclusive one of a kind artwork by Kora Jünger. It was built by Kora & Frank in 2017 and it is a tribute to all the people that go onto the streets in order to demonstrate for more democracy and peace in the world. For all those people who don’t take their lives for granted and see the existing lack of social equality. »WE ARE THE RESISTANCE«

This guitar is available and ships within 5-7 days.


Product Description

This guitar has a light one piece swamp ash body and a one piece maple neck. It has hand wound Deimel humbucker pickups and a built in LesLee® that let’s your pickups »literally« rotated and adjust in speed. Together with the Deimel Vibratone and high end Sperzel tuners.

The drawings are all unique by Kora and applied by her to the body with a transfer technique. Some details of her art work might reapear on future Artist Editions, but will not be reeated entiryl. This is a one of a kind Deimel Firestar Artist Edition. A max. of 2 are produced each year.

Body: One piece swamp ash (lat. Fraxinus pennsylvanica)
Neck: One piece canadian hard rock maple (lat. Acer saccharum)
Frets: 21, Dunlop 6230
Scale: length 25,5” with compound radius 9,5” to 12”
Neck: shape JM 59
Headstock: FS Standard 6R, natural with artwork logo
Color: Artwork by Kora Jünger
Pickguard: One piece acrylic, neon orange
Pickups: Deimel HB-Air neck, Deimel HB-Air bridge,
Effects: Pickup LesLee®
Vibrato: Deimel Vibratone
Tuners: Sperzel Trimlok custom color
Pots: CTS, 500kOhm volume & tone,50 kOhm LesLee® speed
Caps: Siemens & Halske .025 mfd for tone
Switch: Switchcraft toggle; LesLee® on/off;
Wire: Cotton push back, braided shield wire, 7 stranded
Output: Switchcraft
Nut: unbleached bone
Case: Hiscox

All our products usually precede personal questions from the buyer. Therefore we ask you to contact us directly for your order. We will be happy to answer asap and assist through the process. Just contact us directly via e-mail, use our contact form below , or give us a call (00)49-33437-279247. Languages are English, German, and Spanish. Thank you!

All Deimel guitars are hand made by Frank Deimel. We offer a limited lifetime warranty to all our customers. Read our Terms&Conditions for further information.

For all Deimel Firestar guitars you can choose from the following 4 different scales without paying extra:
Short Scale 24.75″ / 628,65 mm
Middle Scale 25″ / 635 mm
Long Scale 25.5″/ 647,7 mm
Baritone Scale 28.62″ / 727,02 mm

It is also possible to order a second neck with a different scale for exchange. Read more …

If you order a guitar or bass that is not immediately available, that means we build it especially for you. Our current leading time is 9-12 months. You can either pay the entire amount directly or just a 40% deposit. The remaining amount is due when the instrument is ready to ship. You will get photo proofs during the building process, and before paying and shipping.

If you want to order a guitar or buy from our stock, just contact us directly via e-mail, use our contact form below , or just give us a call (00)49-33437-279247.

We do speak English, German and Kora speaks also Spanish. We can also arrange a Facebook or Skype call to answer all your question and talk through your order.

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