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Design + innovation, quality + playability are the principles of our craft. Each guitar is built by hand at our workshop near Berlin, Germany.

Deimel Firestar

The Deimel Firestar is a new classic tool for creative and modern guitar music. It comes with a veriety of features and add ons as for example the built in piezo disc, built in LesLee® or kill switch, just to mention a few.  Find out more …

Deimel Firestar Artist Edition

The Deimel Firestar Artist Edition are an intense collaboration between Frank and his artist wife Kora. All Artist Editions are equipped with a Deimel Vibratone and a built in LesLee®. Find out more …

Deimel Firestar Ellipse

The Deimel Firestar Ellipse is a model that was prototyped first in 2014 by Frank and Kora. In 2017 the model has been further developed and will soon launch. Stay tuned.

Deimel Doublestar

A classic »vintage-like« feel and the the essence of two iconic guitar designs are the main originators for the creation of the Deimel Doublestar. Find out more …

Deimel Singlestar

The Deimel Singlestar is the successful variation of the Deimel Doublestar: the left cutaway is closed. This results in a stiffer bass response and even more sustain on all strings. Find out more …

Deimel Firestar Bass

The Deime Firestar Bass is born as a sibling bass of the very successful Deimel Firestar guitar. Being designed in the same manner as the Firestar guitar, the fusion of traditionally proven bass designs move onto a new step of comfort and elegance. Find out more …




Holy Grail Guitar Show
Deimel Firestar Baritone

First Deimel Firestar Baritone!

Frank built the first Deimel Firestar with a Baritone neck! This neck fits all your Firestar guitars, as it is a convertible scale.
This guitar also features our first full stereo PickupLeslee® and mutliple sounds by using 3 Mustang switches for serial/parallel/coil cut, as well as jazz switch/piezo/ on/off. Pickups are Curtis Novak’s new Dual Lipsticks!

Why do guitars cost what they cost?

Juha Ruokangas, owner of Ruokangas Guitar, talks about the value and cost of hand made guitars. We think it is a brilliant idea to nail this topic for once. We love building guitars, we live guitars 24/7 … so please watch the video if you question yourself about price tags on hand made guitars.

The Guitar Magazine Deimel Firestar review press

The Guitar Magazine 02/2018

We are happy to read this stunning review of the Deimel Firestar at the latest »The Guitar Magazine«, UK, February issue. This Deimel Firestar comes with a Deimel HB-AL5PE42 bridge pickup, Deimel T90 middle + neck pickups, and a built in piezo. It is for sale at »The North American Guitar«.

Deimel Guitarworks @ YouTube

We have plenty of new videos at YouTube. Deimel Guitarworks »Fresh from Frank’s Bench« is a  collection of videos that captures the first tunes of the recent built guitar before it goes out into the world.

built in stereo LesLee

First built in full stereo LesLee®

It has been quite a development, but we are proud to announce the first built in stereo LesLee® that we offer as an exclusive feature for Deimel Firestar guitars. Read more about the LesLee® functionality

Deimel Firestar for Bryce Dessner, »The National«

The National

We are happy to have built this Deimel Firestar for Bryce Dessner, best known as a member of the band »The National«. Bryce has made a name for himself as an acclaimed composer. His orchestral, chamber, and vocal compositions have been commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Metropolitan Museum of Art (for the New York Philharmonic), Kronos Quartet, and many others. Bryce has worked with some of the world’s most creative and respected musicians and visual artists, including Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and Sufjan Stevens, among others.
This Firestar comes with two built in piezos and a built in LesLee®. It can create an uncountable number of new sounds.
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