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About Deimel Firestar

The process of handcraft as well as the wishes of our customers are very important to us. In order to realize your individual model, we have created a form with specifications and prices, where every single pre-calculated option can be decided on and cross-marked. So, starting on a regular standard prize you can make your individual choices with numberless combinations. Any color and personal pickup configuration can be realized. You choose your neck profile, fret wire, neck radiuses, etc.. Whatever you like, we are looking forward to realize an individual Deimel Firestar guitar for you. Except for the body, pickguard, and headstock shape + logo placement, you are free to develop your own model.
If you already feel overwhelmed by too many options, just fill out our sheet for the Deimel Firestar Classic version and you will get your order going with us fast! Both form

Deimel Firestar left hand »Hot Gloss Black«

Left handed? No problem!

Frank himself is a left handed luthier. So building guitars for our left handed customers is self evident and with no upcharge.

Find out more …

Deimel Firestar hollow body

Optional Semi-Hollow Body

Although there is not much space inside the Firestar body, we manage to create some larger cavities which work as massive weight reduction and result also in a semi-hollow character. The cavities are routed from the top and the entire body gets closed with a 3mm wood veneer of the same wood like the body. We do not offer any F-holes, as the do not make sense acoustically with these limited cavities, and there is actually no real space to put them. The weight reduction and a certain semi-hollow flavor to the guitar’s tone is the main effect of this specification.

Conversion Necks

The Deimel Firestar can be order with the following scales as standard scales:

Short Scale 24.75″ / 628,65 mm
Middle Scale 25″ / 635 mm
Long Scale 25.5″/ 647,7 mm
Baritone Scale 28.62″ / 727,02 mm
Tenor (4 strings)  22.75’’ / 577,85 mm (slightly smaller body)

All necks, except Tenor, are conversion necks which means that you can simply swap your neck and change the scale.
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Other scales on request.

How to start questionmark

I want a guitar, but how do I start?

Are you interested in a Deimel Firestar? Over the last 15 years we have built a variety of Deimel Firestars that we are convinced of their amazing sound and look&feel!! If you know which guitar you want, just contact us over e-mail or phone and we will be happy to assist you with the further process. We will build the guitar customized for you. So instead of a »BUY« button, we seek the personal relationship with our customer.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we welcome you to contact us directly with your wishes. We will talk to you about the feasibility of your ideas and the price it will have. Skype or FaceTime appointments are possible.

Last but not least, come and visit us! We are located 40 km east of Berlin. Please make an appointment ahead and we are happy to show you our workspace and let you test our guitars in a relaxing atmosphere.

Neck Wood + Finishes

We usually prefer building our necks out of selected pieces of maple. 3 levels of figuration (normal, figured maple, or highly figured maple) are offered. Also we offer a matching headstock in the same color as the body varnish.



Our standard fretboards feature a compound radius starting with 9.5“ from the nut until 12“ at the end of the fretboard. As it is only logical in fretboard theory, that the cone shape is the basis for a tapered neck in opposite to a cylindrical surface, it is the better fretboard. This allows for perfect action, comfortable chording in the first frets, and easy to bend strings in the upper section.


Selecting Woods

Woods are selected by Frank individually for each guitar and customer choices. Our favorite woods for bodies are american red alder, white korina, swamp ash, and mahogany. In some cases we build with paulownia, a very light wood, also used for surf board production.

Our preferred neck wood is maple if not requested differently by the customer.

For fretboards we prefer non CITES listed woods as ziricote or katalox. We also use indian rosewood as standard and offer many others.

Light woods

Light Body Woods

It is very important to us that the weight matches the customer needs. Since each guitar is built individually for the customer we can pick the perfect wood.

Deimel Firestar Ellipse »Venus Fern Green«

One Piece Maple Neck or cap necks

We offer one piece maple necks and cap necks made of one piece of maple.

Deimel Firestar colors

Deimel Firestar Colors

Excellent guitar design is based on a great finish. As admirer of the 60ies design era, we love the original cadillac colors a lot. On the base of those, we have taken them a step further into the new millenium and developed the following 4 classic Deimel colors as best fit for our Deimel Firestars: Saturn Lavender, Venus Fern Green, Moon Dust Blue, and Desert Dawn. Laguna Bay, Silver Space, Mars Gold, and Black Galaxy are also part of the Deimel color family, and we certainly offer all other colors on request.

Deimel Firestar Pickguards

Numberless Possibilities for Pickguards

There are numberless combinations possible for the Deimel Firestar pickguards. The most classic Deimel Firestar comes with a 3-piece pickguard with golden anodized aluminum center piece and nickel parts on top and bottom. It is possible to swap the center for other anodized aluminum colors as e.g. magenta, turquoise, natural, black, etc.. Please contact us for the entire color palette. Another great combination is a center of tortoise 4-ply, bakelite, or a parchment white plastic. All of those materials can also be ordered as an one piece pickguard. It’s just up to your taste!

Deimel Firestar Bridges

Bridges + Vibratos

We have 4 standard combinations for the Deimel Firestar:

Mastery M1 + Duesenberg vibrola.
Mastery M1 + Master vibrato, polished or brushed
ABM Tune-O-Matic /Stop Tailpiece
Deimel »Vibratone« w/ optional »raw vintage« springs

Pickupp Selection

Custom Pickup Solutions

Numberless custom pickup combinations are possible. Our standard are bridge and neck Deimel, Lollar, or Curtis Novak JM-style pickups, but it all depends of how you want your Firestar to sound like. We are happy to assist you to make the right choice. Kinman, Joe Barden, Kloppmann, or Lindy Fralin pickups are also available.

3rd Pu behind bridge

3rd pickup behind bridge

Special projects need special sound options. Check out our 3rd pickup behind bridge option.
Here is an example on YouTube

built in piezo disk

Built In Piezo

Standard of our Firestars is a built in piezo disc that gives you uncountable extra sound options.

Built In LesLee®

Stretching the boundaries of the Deimel Firestar as an experimental guitar, the built in LesLee »rotates« two pickups of the guitar and let this rotation of bridge and neck pickup be adjustable in speed and intensity.

The built in LesLee® is available as mono or stereo version.

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kill switch

Kill Switch

We offer different solutions to integrate an additional kill switch. Just contact us!

Firestar capacitors


We offer different kinds of capacitors depending on the customers wishes and what suits best the pickup configuration:
Vishay Sprague 1813, 22nf, Mojotone / TAD PIO, 22nf , LUXE Bumble Bee, 22nf, or NOS, 22nf

Firestar headstocks


The standard tuners position of the Deimel Firestar is 6 tuners on the right side (6R). We do offer 6 tuners left (6L) without extra charge. The finish of the headstock can be black fiber with pearl inlay logo, natural finish with decal logo, or a matching headstock with decal logo.

Firestar Neck Shape

Neck Shape

»Medium fat 59JM« is our standard neck shape for the Deimel Firestar. Of course we can do any custom neck shapes.


All Deimel Firestar necks come with a trussrod and a side adjuster that easily allows you to adjust the neck if needed without taking of the strings.

Firestar nut


We manufacture the nut out of unbleached bone. Other materials are on request.

Block inlays

Block Inlays

On request we offer block inlays made of mother of pearl shell or abalone.

Firestar neck plate

Neck Plate

All Deimel Firestars have bolt on neck fixed with a neck plate.



Our standard tuners are the high quality »Gotoh SDS510, nickel «, produced in Japan. We also offer the colorful Sperzel tuner or Hipshot classic open gear, and Hipshot grip-lock open gear.


MOP (mother of pearl) dots are the classic standard for our fretboards. Other options are on request.


Bone Glue vs. Polyurethane

Both are are great glues we love to use for building guitars.



The Deimel Firestar has 21 Wagner medium jumbo or 21 StewMac »pyramid« frets. We also offer stainless steel frets.


Custom inlays

Some customers ask for personal inlays and we certainly can do this. In 2016 Frank had the chance to do a further education workshop with the legendary Grit Laskin in Vienna. We now know all the secrets of the perfect engravings and inlays.

Check Workshop Grit Lasking w/European Guitar Builders



We offer optional binding for all our necks.

Toggle switch

Toggle Switch

Toggle with gold contacts by Switchcraft

Output jack

Output Jack

The output jack is made by Switchcraft and mono, but we do have stereo versions for more experimental sounds.

Witch hat knobs

Volume + Tone Knobs

Our standard are black, white or parchment white witch hats. Glendale or Schaller knobs are also an option, as well as colorful other knobs matching the overall design of the guitar.

Strap Lock

Strap Lock

Our standard is the nickel Gotoh strap lock.

Slider switches

Slider Switches

The standard switches are piezo on/off; serial/parallel, and surf switch, but can be modified to the musicians needs.



We usually do matte aging of metal parts and/or arctic aging of the entire guitar, if the finish is nitro. Heavy relic finish is also an option!

guitar in case

Ready To Ship!

Each Deimel Firestar is delivered in its own Hiscox hard case with Deimel logo. The guitar comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the serial number, date of manufacture, a detailed description of all specifications and an owner’s pass.

Now it’s ready to be handed over to the new owner!

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