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Deimel Firestar

The best of two worlds

The Deimel Firestar has been built as a new classic tool for creative and modern guitar music. A lot of people nowadays like the so-called »offset waist guitars« for their beautiful and ergonomic shape. As there are only a few well known designs Frank has developed his own offset waist body shape, called the Firestar.

The idea to literally make use of historic, classic guitar designs and build up a new design, is a process we don’t cal hybrid, we would rather name it evolution. But indeed, ingredients of already existing perfect ideas, have been recombined here in our own unique design. There are many design features already so good, that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. But sometimes, you find great features in one guitar, but it misses another great feature from other guitars. Therefore, »best of both worlds« stands for uniting best qualities in order to come to another higher overall quality of the guitar. Our result is the Deimel Firestar guitar.

Firestar essentials

The Firestar has a »good to reach« 21 fret bolt on neck, seated into a newly developed body design. The slight offset body with tight hips and long belly balances just perfect in almost any playing position. The standard concept, of using a reversed, slightly angled headstock is intended. We are convinced, that an extended portion on the lower strings adds significant overtones to the flavor of the Firestar tone. Same as it allows for easy to bend treble, and tighter sounding bottom strings.

Various sound controls, which are comfortably placed around the moves of the stroking hand, are in easy to reach areas.  A Mastery bridge and alternatively a Mastery OMV or a Duesenberg®Tremola guarantee the smooth and »in tune« handling of vibrato sounds.

The choice of pickups is based on a concept that evolved in collaboration with pickup manufacturer Curtis Novak. He offers a wide range of different pickups all hidden under a JM-pickup cover. Even if you choose your preferred pickup construction, the »look« of the guitar won‘t change.

More circuit extravaganzas are available in the lower mini switch section: A built-in piezo pickup (the contact disc is glued on the wood), a serial/parallel switch for both pickups, and a so called »surf« switch, which cuts off a few bass frequencies to get even more twang.

Every sound can be recombined with itself, piezo, serial controls or surf switch. A special routing option especially for the piezo allows to adjust a mix between the regular and the piezo disc, resulting in very special in between sounds of acoustic and electric signals.

In addition, you find a great range of playing areas on the 6-string sections behind bridge and saddle to create springy overtones, which especially get picked up trough the piezo signal, the so called structure -born noise inside the guitar.

Last but not least we are proud to finally offer the Pickup LesLee™. This unit is able to literally „rotate“ two pickups in an oscillating way, and speed and intensity of the pickup rotation can be adjusted on the guitar. This unit is available as an additional feature on any Deimel guitar with more than one pickup.

This is a guitar that can see you through a myriad musical situations–especially if you’re looking to cover tone and techniques that you can’t get from a more bare-base instrument.

by Charles Saufley, PremierGuitar

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Built with tradition

Each Deimel Firestar is built by hand. You can either choose one of the variations or order your guitar on basis of your personal choices. For further information you can contact us directly via e-mail: info@deimelguitarworks.deE-MAIL US

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