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Deimel Firestar Bass featured at Bass Magazine, Japan 03/2017

PremierGuitar Gear of The Year 2012

The Deimel Feierstar was honored with the Gear of the Year Award 2012!!!Read more

Gitarre&Bass 06/2012

Full article about the Deimel Doublestar »Bolt Tone«Read more

PremierGuitar 09/2012

2 page review on the Deimel FirestarRead more

Frankfurter Allgemeine 17-07-2012 Issue

Article about Deimel Guitarworks

Sonic Youth DVD cover

Gitarre&Bass 12-2055 Issue

Frank Deimel about the 12-string Deimel for Lee Ranaldo / Sonic YouthRead more

Frankfurter Allgemeine July 16-04-2013 Issue

Article about the Frankfurt Music Fair featuring Deimel Guitarworks

Story about the Flying VFL @ Gitarre&Bass

Check out Gitarre&Bass 2010/7Read more

The Guitar Knob Podcast – June 2017

Check ot the THE GUITAR KNOB PODCAST and listen to Frank Deimel and a bunch of other guys talking guitars …

Listen here

Gitarre&Bass Newsletter Oct 2016

We are happy to be cover girl on the second part of Gitarre&Bass NewsletterRead more

Gitarre&Bass 05/2014

Full story and test of a Deimel FirestarRead more

Guitar Connoisseur Summer/2015

Full lengths article about Frank Deimel and his LesLee inventionRead more

Guitar Extreme Magazine 05/2015

Biggest french guitar magazine reports about the Deimel Singlestar

Review @ Gitarre&Bass

Read more

Guitarist UK

Featuring Deimel guitars at music fair Frankfurt 2012

Review @ »No treble«

Read more

Review @ Gitarre&Bass

Check out Gitarre&Bass 2011/7Read more

Guitar Connoisseur Magazine – 12/2016

Check out Frank Deimel’s article about the LesLee® at Guitar Connoisseur Magazine. If you have ever asked yourself what a LesLee™ is or does, here are the answers.Read now

PremierGuitar Feb 2015

Check out PremierGuitar Feb 2015 issue having a 10 page full story of the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014.
One page features on the Deimel Firestar Artist Edition.Read now

GrandGtrs 01/2013

Double page review on the Deimel Firestar

deBassist Oct-Dec 2013 Issue

Double page review of the Deimel Firestar Bass

Gitarre&Bass review 10/2014

Great review on Deimel Singlestar at Gitarre&Bass issue 10/2014Read more

Review @ Gitarre&Bass 09/2013

Great review on Deimel PineRose at Gitarre&Bass 2013/9Read more

Gitarre&Bass 03/2007

Great review on Deimel Doublecaster DeluxeRead now

grand gtrs 09/2012

2 page article about Deimel Guitarworks and its guitar production