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Deimel Doublestar

A classic »vintage-like« feel and the the essence of two iconic guitar designs were the main originators for the creation of this all new Deimel Doublestar. The most favourite features have been taken to create a new but still »well known« feel of an electric guitar. Frank‘s love for vintage designs and his ability to built custom guitars have led him to develop this unique interpretation of »best of both worlds«.

»I love this body shape and I like the attack of a long scale. I prefer string through body bridges and a unique mixture of pickups. The ergonomic body shape like a S-style guitar supports easiest playing comfort.«

The Doublestar »Raw Tone« is designed as a L. P. style guitar with a glued in Mahogany neck and a maple veneered Mahogany body. The identical looking Doublestar »Bolt Tone« instead features a one piece Alder or Ash body with a bolt-on Maple neck.

By using the long scale neck a more accurate and tighter bass response is achieved. The string through body design provides a stronger pick attack and guarantees a rigid accoustic coupling. A classic electronic circuit routs the sensed tones through high quality passive parts and capacitors.

For getting the right amount of resistance Stellartone® 500/250 k Tandem pots are chosen as volume and tone pots. They let each pickup »see« their own right value of pot and capacitor. When mixed together an almost unheard melt of »two worlds« goes to your rig.

»Pure and raw as strings, wood, and coils can be. The Deimel Doublestar.«

[testimonial img=”4319″ author=”JC Dook, Berlin + New York”]»Six years ago when I first tried out my Deimel Doublestars, I had the feeling they were going to be mine. It was clear I was dealing with high quality craftsmanship/artistry and I found the necks to be absolutely perfect. However,it wasn’t the time. After going through a Custom Shop Fenders & Gibsons phase as well as other luthier’s guitars, I finallly defined my need: a combination of the best of both worlds Fender and Gibson. Oddly enough that is actually almost exactly how Frank describes his Doublestar!
Last month I decided to visit Frank at his new place on the countryside. I decided to try the Doublestar line again and it became clear the time to get these guitars was now.
After minor electronic modifications that Frank readily made, I can honestly say I have 2 amazing main axes with super customer service and a lifetime guarantee.How can you beat that?!«
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When we build a Deimel Doublestar, you have plenty of options to choose from. Check out the main features here.

Built with love + passion

Each Deimel Doublestar is built by hand. You can either choose one of the variations or order your guitar on basis of your personal choices. For further information you can contact us directly via e-mail:


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