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Our latest Deimel Firestar Artist Edition Bass is part of Germany‘s 30 years of reunification expo in Potsdam. We got invited by the #brandenburg state chamber to show among other innovative and creative producers located in Brandenburg. On display until 3rd of October 2020. For more info:


Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer

We are very happy to have reached this personal milestone of our guitar works and proud to present the Pickup Leslee® Synchronizer in stereo built into an Experimental Deimel Firestar.
By joining the pulse, generated by the Pickup Leslee® using wave in/wave out patch cable connectivity, it is possible to either send or receive a waveform or sending out a CV signal. It is even possible to do sync recording by using a CV to Midi generator, or to be in sync with video signals for performing artists. We are very much looking forward to see performing artists create interactive art between guitar, electronic music, and performance in the near future.

Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020

The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020

We are proud to be part of the next and very last Holy Grail Guitar Show taking place in Berlin 1 + 2 May 2020!

Andreas Bayless of Söhne Mannheims

New guitar for Andreas Bayless of Söhne Mannheims

Just recently we delivered the third Deimel Firestar to Andreas Bayless of Söhne Mannheims.

Deimel Firestar Ellipse »Russian Army Style«

Vitja Laibach Deimel Firestar

New guitar for Vitja Balžalorsky of Laibach

Following the art and music of Laibach for many years, we were really excited to build a Deimel Firestar for Vitja Balžalorsky of Laibach.
Laibach is currently on tour in Europe! So don’t miss to see them!

Instgram Deimel Guitarworks on the bench

New Instagram feed for your builds …

You are wondering about the status of your guitar build? We recently started a new Instagram feed  called »deimelguitarworks_onthebench«. It shows the most recent production steps in our workshop. The photos are tagged with the serial number of your guitar that we send you with the order confirmation. For example if your Deimel Firestar has the serial number #145, just search on Instagram for #deimelfirestar145 . If your Deimel Doublestar has the serial number #024, just search on Instagram for #deimeldoublestar024 . This way we keep it anonymously, but you are still able to share the progress with your friends and family by telling them the right hashtag. If you want to be marked with your name or band, just let us know!



Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Deimel Guitarworks we cordially invite you to join us at our workshop on Saturday, 15th of December 2018, starting 4 pm! There will be the Deimel Firestar »20 Years« Artist Edition, a home made buffet, a bon fire with twist bread, and a jam session. If you are looking for a place to stay overnight, we will be happy to assist!

Please let us know until the 7th of December via e-mail to, if we can count on you!

Zu unserem 20-jährigen Jubiläum öffnen wir am Samstag, den 15.12.2018 ab 16 Uhr unsere Werkstatt. Wir laden Dich herzlich ein mit uns zu feiern! Es erwartet Dich die Deimel Firestar »20 Years« Artist Edition, ein hausgemachtes Buffet, Lagerfeuer mit Stockbrot und eine Jam-Session. Falls du eine Übernachtungsmöglichkeit suchst, können wir Dir gerne weiterhelfen.

Wir bitten um Antwort bis zum 7.12.2018 unter, ob wir auf Dich zählen können!

Meet the Maker at Groove Street 98

Meet The Maker: Deimel Guitarworks @ Groove Street 98

Thursday, 25th Oct 2018, 4–9 pm
Brussels, Koningsstraat 59 Rue Royale
Come and meet legendary guitar maker Frank + his partner Kora of Deimel Guitarworks, Germany. Frank and Kora will bring some unique instruments from their workshop and introduce us to technical and design innovations they have been working on over the last years such as the built in LesLee®. You don’t know yet what a LesLee® is? Come and join us for this special guitar event at Groove Street 98 in Brussels. Food and drinks will be served. Deimel Guitarworks and Groove Street 98 celebrate their 15th and 20th anniversary this year! 

Deimel Firestar Bass review at bassquarterly, 07/08-2018

If you speak German, don’t miss the July/August 2018 edition of bassquarterly. We got a mayor review on our Deimel Firestar Bass. The tested bass is for sale. Just PM us!

bassquarterly magazine

Deimel Guitarworks Berliner Morgenpost

Story about our workshop at Berlin's biggest newspaper / 07-23-2018

Meet The Maker

Meet The Maker: Deimel Guitarworks + Ground FX

Saturday, 22 Sept 2018, 2–6 pm

Hamburg, Rückkopplung Backline Service, Budapester Str. 44

Come and meet legendary guitar maker Frank + Kora aka Deimel Guitarworks and some of their unique instruments.
Together with »creative beast« Ben aka Ground FX, your local pedal manufacturer from Hamburg, they will have a bucket full of handcrafted innovations for guitars and basses. Just saying »ambiphone« and  »LesLee®« …


We love to celebrate with you the 20th anniversary of Deimel Guitarworks and would like to offer you a rare opportunity:
Kora and Frank build 5 Deimel Firestars Artist Editions »20th Anniversary«, each for 2000 € and ready to ship for christmas.
Each guitar will have unique artwork made by Kora, a see through plastic pickguard, and all features of our most classic Deimel Firestar in terms of JM inspiration: Red alder body, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard, highest quality Mastery hardware and handwound Deimel pickups JM-V + JM90. The switch section (piezo on/off, serial/parallel, surf switch) will give you infinite sound options.
Artwork, technical specifications, and execution are defined and executed by Frank + Kora in highest standards and cannot be customized.

Thank you all for your great interest! Due to the high demand, all slots are filled.

Holy Grail Guitar Show

Deimel Guitarworks in Milano!

Milano here we come! Please come and visit us in Milano this November at The Music Show Milano
18th + 19th of November 2017

More information:


we are very excited to present this collaborative work of  William ‘Git’ Laskin and us  on the latest Artist Edition.

Deimel Firestar Artist Edtion »GAME CHANGER«



This is the first time that we have built an artist edition twin set consisting of a Deimel Firestar guitar and bass. The Deimel Firestar Artist Edition »GAME CHANGER« is a tribute to all kids that have fought and are currently fighting for their ideas and rights around the globe. Greta Thunberg might be the most famous one of our times, but there have been many, many more, just naming a few on the side of the guitar, that influenced the story of all our lives. Taking on this energy both, guitar and bass, come with a built in LesLee and powerful hand wound pickups. The manifold sounds build into both instruments also reflect the broad range of the voices of the brave! 

I make all drawings on paper first and built a big collage that I transfer with a napkin technique onto the prepared woods. A natural matte finish preserves the art work.  

When Grit asked us if I would be interested in a collaboration, we felt very honored. Grits work has inspired us for years. His approach to political and society relevant themes is unique in the guitar world. 

Though Grits and our lives are on different sides of the globe, we are part of one big family and it is on us to keep an eye on it. 

Kora Jünger, May 2020

Deimel Singlestar Test Gitarre&Bass

Deimel Singlestar BoltTone im Test …

Kids guitar workshop

Dank Gitarre&Bass gibt es in der Ausgabe 01/2020 einen wunderbaren ausführlichen Test unserer Deimel Singlestar BoltTone

Buy magazine …

Kids Workshop in Berlin

Building your own electric guitar and amplifier – workshop for kids and parents incl. music session
In this workshop you build your own original three-string electric guitar and a small amplifier. This is an opportunity to learn everything from how the guitar works to how to play the sound. We invited two guitar craftsmen for the workshop:
José Malaquias of The Inventors from Lisbon, Portugal and
Frank Deimel from Deimel Guitarworks from Brandenburg.
Right after the completion of the guitar set, there will be a joint introduction and live session together with Dirk Dresselhaus of Schneider TM and all workshop participants, which will be recorded  and later can be listened to at home. Languages: German, English, Portuguese
Date: 02.11.2019 / 15:00 – 20:00 h

Just published interview with Frank

Thanks to Matt Blades we got a great interview about our work out at . Take your time to check it out!!!

Kora, Frank und Max

New guitar for Max Gruber of Drangsal

Max Gruber of Drangsal came to pick up his guitar just recently. We had the chance to see him live last Saturday at sold out Huxleys Neue Welt in Berlin. Ein echter Knaller! These guys played amazingly and the whole crowed was dancing! Love it!
Drangsal is currently on tour in Germany! So don’t miss them!

New dealer in California!!!

We are very happy to announce a new dealership with Cottonwood Music Emporium located in Costa Mesa, California!

Steyner Straps

New guitar straps made in Germany

At the end of last year we were lucky to meet Lina, founder of Steyner Straps. Lina was so kind to show us all her beautiful straps and told us the story of her company. Steyner stands for high quality, individuality, and passion, because each of their products is handmade with a lot of love. That just sounds like us making guitars!

Gitarre&Bass Deimel

Homestory at Gitarre&Bass 12/2018

We got a homestory in the latest Gitarre&Bass magazine Germany! 4 pages full of our ideas, guitars, and workshop insights!

Homestory in der neuen Gitarre&Bass!
Anlässlich unseres 20-jährigen Jubiläums hat uns vor kurzem Gitarre&Bass besucht! Auf vier Seiten erwartet Euch ein ausführlicher Bericht über unsere Ideen, Gitarren und Werkstatt! Auf zum Kiosk!

Luthier Guitar Show Madrid 2018

Luthier Guitar Show Madrid 2018

Meet us at the 1st Luthier Guitar Show in Madrid, Spain, this October 2018
For more information:

Superb block feature on our work!

We met James Philip Gascoigne aka »James’ Home of Tone« based in the UK at The Holy Grail Guitar Show. Please have a closer look at his blog »James’ Home of Tone«. It is such a superb description of what we as Deimel Guitarworks and moreover as a family working in the field of guitar making stand for. Thanks James!

Why do guitars cost what they cost?

Juha Ruokangas, owner of Ruokangas Guitar, talks about the value and cost of hand made guitars. We think it is a brilliant idea to nail this topic for once. We love building guitars, we live guitars 24/7 … so please watch the video if you question yourself about price tags on hand made guitars.

Conversion Neck Deimel Firestar

We are happy to announce that from now on all Deimel Firestar can be built or extended with four different standard scales for infinite more options. All our Deimel Firestar necks are conversion necks. Find out more …

The Guitar Magazine Deimel Firestar review press

The Guitar Magazine 02/2018

We are happy to read this stunning review of the Deimel Firestar at the latest »The Guitar Magazine«, UK, February issue. This Deimel Firestar comes with a Deimel HB-AL5PE42 bridge pickup, Deimel T90 middle + neck pickups, and a built in piezo. It is for sale at »The North American Guitar«.

Deimel Guitarworks @ YouTube

We have plenty of new videos at YouTube. Deimel Guitarworks »Fresh from Frank’s Bench« is a  collection of videos that captures the first tunes of the recent built guitar before it goes out into the world.

Deimel Firestar Baritone

First Deimel Firestar Baritone!

Frank built the first Deimel Firestar with a Baritone neck! This neck fits all your Firestar guitars, as it is a convertible scale.
This guitar also features our first full stereo PickupLeslee® and mutliple sounds by using 3 Mustang switches for serial/parallel/coil cut, as well as jazz switch/piezo/ on/off. Pickups are Curtis Novak’s new Dual Lipsticks!


Concert Daniel Meyer Berit Jung Ihlow

Samstag, 03. Oktober, 19 Uhr

Berit Jung / Daniel Meyer
– Dead Trees & Wires –

Es gibt Menschen, die bauen aus Holz und Draht 
Zäune, Gitter oder Käfige.

Berit Jung und Daniel Meyer besitzen Instrumente aus diesen Materialien und erschaffen damit Räume. 
Räume für Melodien, die aus obskuren kleinen Winkeln auftauchen und wieder darin verschwinden, Räume die zum Verweilen einladen, Räume die Fragen stellen, Räume die noch ausgeleuchtet werden wollen.
In einem weiten musikalischen Feld zwischen Folk, modernem Jazz und Geräusch spannen die beiden feine Klänge, die sich ihren Weg durch allerlei Wundersames und Zauberhaftes bahnen.

Berit Jung – Kontrabass
Daniel Meyer – E-Gitarre
Sitzplatzreservierung möglich per E-Mail: kora @
Veranstalter: Deimel Guitarworks

Dorfkirche Ihlow, Ihlower Ring, 15377 Oberbarnim

Frank Deimel and Rainer Oleak

New guitar for music composer Rainer Oleak

Rainer Oleak dropped by the other day to pick up his second Deimel guitar: a Deimel Firestar Baritone.


»1001 Guitars to Dream of Playing Before You Die«

Brandenburg Zitty Deimel Guitarworks

Featured at Zitty BRANDENBURG magazine 2019/2020

Proud to be part of the newest yearly published BRANDENBURG magazine, a special edition for all Berliners featuring the best Brandenburg escapes!!!

South Shore Guitar Boutique

Coming soon: New York Dealer

We are very happy to announce a new dealership with South Shore Guitar Boutique located in New York!
The store will open first week of March!


Deimel Guitarworks @ Tonefest, Helsinki 2019

We are very much looking forward to finally come to Helsinki to show some of our instruments at Tonefest!

Saturday, 9th of February 2019

Reverb Presse

Hereinspaziert bei Deimel Guitarworks

Reverb hat uns dieser Tage interviewt und dabei ist ein sehr schönes und ausführliches Interview herausgekommen, welches ab sofort bei »Hereinspaziert« auf Reverb zu finden ist:

built in stereo LesLee

First built in full stereo LesLee®

It has been quite a development, but we are proud to announce the first built in stereo LesLee® that we offer as an exclusive feature for Deimel Firestar guitars. Read more about the LesLee® functionality


Great review on Deimel Firestar Baritone

If you speak German, don’t miss the May/June 2018 edition of grandgtrs. We got a mayor review on our Deimel Firestar Baritone version. All Deimel Firestars are available with conversion necks.

GrandGtrs magazine

Deimel Firestar 12-String

12-String Deimel Firestar w/ built in LesLee®

Customer requests are just so challenging and rewarding at the same time! This is our first 12-string Deimel Firestar w/ an one piece swietenia mahogany body. The built in piezo and built in LesLee® allows a whole new world of sounds!

More info

Deimel Firestar for Bryce Dessner, »The National«

The National

We are happy to have built this Deimel Firestar for Bryce Dessner, best known as a member of the band »The National«. Bryce has made a name for himself as an acclaimed composer. His orchestral, chamber, and vocal compositions have been commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Metropolitan Museum of Art (for the New York Philharmonic), Kronos Quartet, and many others. Bryce has worked with some of the world’s most creative and respected musicians and visual artists, including Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and Sufjan Stevens, among others.
This Firestar comes with two built in piezos and a built in LesLee®. It can create an uncountable number of new sounds.
More information on guitar


The Guitar Knob Podcast 06/2017

Check ot the latest THE GUITAR KNOB PODCAST and listen to Frank Deimel and a bunch of other guys talking guitars …

Interview Deimel Guitarworks