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Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer

We are very happy to have reached this personal milestone of our guitar works and proud to present the Pickup Leslee® Synchronizer in stereo built into an Experimental Deimel Firestar.

By joining the pulse, generated by the Pickup Leslee® using wave in/wave out patch cable connectivity, it is possible to either send or receive a waveform or sending out a CV signal. It is even possible to do sync recording by using a CV to Midi generator, or to be in sync with video signals for performing artists. We are very much looking forward to see performing artists create interactive art between guitar, electronic music, and performance in the near future.

Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer

– experimental electric guitar hand-made in Germany

– taking sounds to a new level
– Pickup LesLee creates a pulse/clock
– connectivity to and interaction with modular synth
– via wave in/wave out and break out box
– separate guitar and clock signals
– built in piezo discs pick up resonances from neck and body
– pickup behind bridge amplifies bridge-to-vibrato
– string section
– perfect for stage and recording
– optional performance guitar stand
– free choice of woods, pickups, and colors
– we are open to custom requests


Contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order. As we build each guitar by hand based on customer needs, we can adjust our specs to your wishes. We offer 4 different scales from short to baritone and can also implement the LesLee synchronizer unit to our Deimel Firestar Bass.

Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer
Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer


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