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Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer #216

Deimel Firestar #216 Synchronizer
Deimel Firestar #216 Synchronizer
IMG 2347
Deimel Firestar #216 Synchronizer
Deimel Firestar #216 Synchronizer
Deimel Firestar #216 Synchronizer
Deimel Firestar #216 Synchronizer
Deimel Firestar #216 Synchronizer
Deimel Firestar #216 Synchronizer

Available on backorder

This guitar can be custom made for you. Lead time is currently 10-12 months.

Product Description

The Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer connects and interacts via CV in/out on modular synths. By joining the pulse, generated by the Pickup Leslee using wave in/wave out patch cable connectivity, it is possible to either send or receive a waveform or sending out a CV signal. It is even possible to do sync recording by using a CV to Midi generator, or to be in sync with video signals for performing artists. On top of this the guitar is equipped with a behind bridge pickup, built in piezos in headstock and body, and a kill switch.
We are very much looking forward to see performing artists create interactive art between guitar, electronic music and video!

Body wood:
 Swamp Ash, 1-part, premium weight
Neck wood: One non figured maple
Neck finish: Transparent laquer, matte
Fretboard wood: Indian Rosewood
Fretboard inlays: MOP
Frets: 21, Wagner Medium Jumbo
Nut: Unbleached bone
Glue: Polyurethane
Scale Length: Long scale 25.5“ with compound radius 9.5“ to 12“
Neck Shape: Medium Fat 59JM
Headstock: Black fiber with pearl logo inlay, 6R
Tuner: Gotoh SDS510, x-nickel
Body varnish: Metallic »Champagne«, semi-transparent matte open grain
Pickguard: One piece clear acrylic (glass look), customized with engraving of functions
Back plate: Black frosted acrylic
Pickup neck: Hand wound Deimel SP90 w/ pink cover
Pickup bridge: Hand wound Deimel P90 w/ green cover
Pickup behind bridge: Hand wound Deimel Jag w/ black cover
Pickup Extra 1: Built in piezo disc in body
Pickup Extra 2: Built in piezo disc in head stock
Pickup Extra 3: Built in stereo LesLee connecting to Modular Synth incl. external Synchronizer box for flexible handing on stage or studio and 1 x 5 m XLR 5 pole cable, custom
Extra : Kill switch, big red button
Bridge: Mastery Bridge
Vibrato: Deimel Master Vibrato, brushed with black UFO tip
Electricity: Upper left:
- 3-way toggle for pu selection; piezo neck on/off, piezo body on/off,  2 x wheeler pots for LesLee speed + intensity
upper right
- 3 x slider switches: mono/stereo, bridge pu/behind bridge pu, external/internal,
lower right:
- kill switch, volume/piezo on blend, tone, sync off, square, saw tooth, CV
Wire: Cotton push back, 7 stranded
Pots: CTS/Bourns
Capacitors: Mojotone/TAD PIO, 22nf
Output: 5-pole XLR female jack with 6.3 mm stereo jack, 3.5 mm mono jacks for wave in and wave out
Case: Hiscox w/ Deimel logo

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3rd pickup behind bridge, Built in full stereo LesLee®, Built in LesLee®, built in piezo disk, Kill switch, LesLee Synchronizer

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