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Deimel Bluestar Semi-Hollow w/ Tornipulator

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This guitar is hand made for you with love and passion!
The current building time is 9-12 months.

Product Description

Body wood: Two piece thermo treated alpine spruce, bookmatched
Body execution: Semi-hollow thinline construction w/ 2 x f-holes, top out of bookmatched thermo treated alpine spruce
Neck wood: Black walnut
Fretboard wood: Ebony
Neck finish: Transparent laquer, matte
Inlays: White mother of pearl shell
Frets: 21, Wagner Medium Jumbo
Scale length: Long Scale 25.5”, compound radius 9.5” to 12”
Neck shape: Medium fat 59JM
Headstock: Natural with decal logo, 6R
Tuners: Gotoh SDS510, x-nickel
Nut: Unbleached bone
Glue: Titebond wood glue
Color: »Natural Satin«
Pickguard: One piece frosted acrylic »Artic Blue«
Back plates: One piece frosted acrylic »Artic Blue«
Pickups: Mojo Dual Foil, silver mesh, aged, for neck and bridge; built in piezo
Bridge: Mastery Bridge
Vibrato: Mastery Deimel vibrato
Electricity: 3-way toggle for pickup selection, 3 slider switches, black: piezo on/off, split for neck, split for bridge
Extras: Tornipulator w/ microphone on/off, 60cycle hum, kill switch
Switches: 3-way Switchcraft toggle
Knobs: 2 x Glendale dome knobs for volume + tone
Caps: Mojotone Pio, 22nf
Pots: CTS, 500 kOhm log.
Wire: Belden 83049, 7 stranded
Output: Switchcraft
Case: Hiscox

Additional information


Deimel Bluestar


Mastery Bridge M1 + Mastery MV Vibrato



Transparent plastic

Pickup Brand

Mojo UK

Pickup Type



Chambered body, F-Holes, Kill switch, Thermo treated wood, Tornipulator

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