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Deimel Firestar Bass »Platinum Grey« incl. stereo LesLee

 MG 6011
 MG 6075
 MG 6158
 MG 6122
 MG 6079
 MG 6078

Building time for your bass is currently 9-12 months.

Product Description

Body: Swamp ash, one-piece
Neck: Highly figured maple, transparent laquer, matte
Fretboard: Ziricote
Frets: 20, Stew Mac »Pyramid«
Scale length: 34” longscale with compound radius 9,5” to 12”
Neck shape:  Custom
Headstock: Black fiber with pearl logo inlay, 4R
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite HB6 1/2“, Lollypop nickel
Inlays: MOP dots
Color: »Platinum Grey« open grain, semi-transparent matte
Pickguard: Natural anodized aluminum
Pickup neck: Hand wound Deimel JM-RB w/ black JM cover
Pickup middle: Hand wound Deimel JM-SB w/ black JM cover
Pickup bridge: Hand wound Deimel JM-SB w/ black JM cover
Pickup extra: built in piezo disc
Extra: Built in Stereo LesLee® w/ speed and intenisty wheelers
Extra: Kill switch
Bridge: Hipshot bass tremolo
Electricity: 3 x black slider switches for piezo on/off –
piezo bridge pu on/off, middle pu on/off, mono/stereo; toggle with gold contact, 1 x slider for LesLee on/off, LesLee speed + intensity wheelers
Pots: CTS
Caps: Mojotone / TAD PIO, 0,1 mfd
Output: Stereo output, 6.3 mm jack (mono ouput if mono cable is plugged in)
Case: Made in Canada universal bass case

Additional information


Deimel Firestar Bass


Hipshot bass tremolo



Built in full stereo LesLee®, Built in LesLee®, built in piezo disk, Kill switch


Any anodized aluminum, Natural anodized aluminium

Pickup Brand


Pickup Type

Humbucker, Single Coil

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