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Deimel Firestar Ellipse w/ Deimel Vibratone

$ 3.544,10

This guitar is custom made for you.
Building time is currently 9-12 months.

Product Description

Shifting the classic 60ies outlines of our regular Firestar guitar into 70ies modernism by using an elliptical and higly resistant acrylic glass pickguard, we call this guitar our favorite baby. Sporting a two piece light swamp ash body, a one piece highly figured maple neck, we were searching for more simplicity and pureness, both in design and materials. By reducing the ingredients to essential parts, the classic tone of a 50ies Blackguard and a 50ies Junior are mixed into our favorable new offset shape, the Firestar.

Using our Vibratone bridge inside a highly resonant swamp ash body guarantees maximum playing fun.The rigid one piece maple neck with our 10 degree angled headstock sends back the string energy to a fast responding, snappy joyful playing feel. Two hand wound Deimel P90ies (made with Plain Enamel 42 and sandcasted Alnico 5 magnets) register and send out the signal in its most pure form, getting smoothed out by CTS pots and a Mojotone PIO cap, as leaving the guitar by a tight switchcraft output jack.

The guitar comes in a very silky smooth matt finish. By using our metallic colors mixed partially into the clear matt it lets the swamp ash grain shine and feel through. Everything in this guitar is thought out to reduce the feeling to the max, making the playing and tonal experience even closer. Pure perfomance feel and fun, that’s what our Deimel Firestar Ellipse stands for!

Body: Swamp Ash, two piece
Neck: One piece maple, highly figured
Fretboard: n/a
Inlays: Tahiti
Frets: 21, StewMac »Pyramid«
Scale length: 25.5”, compound radius 9.5” to 12”
Neck shape: Medium fat 59JM
Headstock: Natural headstock w/ decal, 6R
Nut: unbleached bone
Glue: Polyurethane
Color: Semi transparent matt grey
Pickguard: One piece plastic, color »Aurora Violet«
Back plates: 3 x one piece plastic, color »Aurora Violet« + »Chilli Red«
Pickups: Deimel P90 tap bridge+neck
Pickup covers: black
Vibrato: Deimel Vibratone w/ »Raw Vintage« springs
Tuners: Gotoh SDS510
Knobs: Witch hats, black
Caps: Mojotone/TAD Pio, 22nf
Switches: Switchcraft 3-Way toggle with gold contacts
Electricity: Neck tap, bridge tap, kill switch
Wire: Cotton push back, braided shield wire, 7 stranded
Output: Switchcraft
Case: Hiscox with Deimel logo

All our products usually precede personal questions from the buyer. Therefore we ask you to contact us directly for your order. We will be happy to answer asap and assist through the process. Just contact us directly via e-mail, use our contact form below , or give us a call (00)49-33437-279247. Languages are English, German, and Spanish. Thank you!

All Deimel guitars are hand made by Frank Deimel. We offer a limited lifetime warranty to all our customers. Read our Terms&Conditions for further information.

For all Deimel Firestar guitars you can choose from the following 4 different scales without paying extra:
Short Scale 24.75″ / 628,65 mm
Middle Scale 25″ / 635 mm
Long Scale 25.5″/ 647,7 mm
Baritone Scale 28.62″ / 727,02 mm

It is also possible to order a second neck with a different scale for exchange. Read more …

If you order a guitar or bass that is not immediately available, that means we build it especially for you. Our current leading time is 9-12 months. You can either pay the entire amount directly or just a 40% deposit. The remaining amount is due when the instrument is ready to ship. You will get photo proofs during the building process, and before paying and shipping.

If you want to order a guitar or buy from our stock, just contact us directly via e-mail, use our contact form below , or just give us a call (00)49-33437-279247.

We do speak English, German and Kora speaks also Spanish. We can also arrange a Facebook or Skype call to answer all your question and talk through your order.

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