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Deimel Firestar Bass »Moon Dust Blue«

Deimel Firestar Bass »Moon Dust Blue«
Deimel Firestar Bass »Moon Dust Blue«
Deimel Firestar Bass »Moon Dust Blue«
Jan Müller - Tocotronic, Deimel Firestar Bass »Moon Dust Blue«
Deimel Firestar Bass »Moon Dust Blue«

Build for Tocotronic’s bass player Jan Müller, we customized our electric layout according to Jan’s personal specs. Jan wished a more simple slider switch layout: each single slider switch puts on each individual pickup following the visual pattern from left to right out of the players perspective. So, we had to move the piezo, especially as the toggle switch became somewhat questionable after Jan’s idea.

Built from yellow poplar, maple, and rosewood, this bass delivers all tones well known of a good recipe. Our reverse headstock design delivers the missing fundamental notes especially on the thicker strings. Jan is very happy, and Tocotronic’s lower frequencies never sounded better.

This bass will be custom made for you.
Building time is currently 12 months.

Product Description

Body: Khaya mahogany, 3-part
Neck: Maple, satin natural finish
Fretboard: Cocobolo
Frets: 20, Stew Mac 0158
Scale length: 34” long scale with compound radius 9,5” to 12”
Neck shape: Medium fat 60ies Thunderbird
Headstock: Black fiber with pearl logo inlay, 4R
Nut: Unbleached bone
Glue: Polyurethan
Color: Moon Dust Blue
Pickguard: Aluminum gold anodized
Pickups: 3 Lollar Thunderbird nickel cover, built in piezo
Bridge: Hipshot with brass saddles, string through body
Tuners: Schaller BM Light nickel
Switches: 3 Switchcraft sliders for PU On/Off
Pots: CTS 500kOhm, log
Knobs: Witch hats, black
Caps: 0,1mfd Eroid NOS
Case: Made in Canada universal bass case

Additional information


Deimel Firestar Bass


Hipshot B-Style bass bridge



built in piezo disk


Any anodized aluminum, Gold anodized aluminium

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