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Deimel Firestar »Blackguard Blond« w/ silver aluminum anodized pickguard

Deimel Firestar »Blackguard Blond«
Deimel Firestar »Blackguard Blond«

To combine different types of woods, pickups, and colors is one of our favorites to do. This one has a light one piece swamp ash body in classic »Blackguard Blond«, Deimel JM-90T pickups, and a one piece natural anodized aluminum pickguard. „T“ stands for Tap, meaning our hand wound pickups are switchable between full output, and a slightly lower output, resulting in a different, brighter tonality of the coils. By this, a more twangy and a more fatter sound are accessible, and combined with the regular piezo, gives again multiple shades.  Our JM90 pickups and swamp ash body are always a very good mixture for a variable modern guitar sound with a great range in dynamics and transparency.

This guitar is custom made for you.
Building time is currently 9-12 months.

Product Description

Body: Swamp ash, one piece
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Indian Rosewood
Frets: 21, Stewmac 0158 Pyramid
Scale length: 25.5”, compound radius 9.5” to 12”
Neck shape:  Medium fat 59JM
Headstock: Black fiber with pearl logo inlay, 6R
Nut: Unbleached bone
Glue: Polyutherane
Color: Blackguard Blond
Pickguard: 1 piece silver anodized aluminum
Pickups: Deimel JM-90T neck, Deimel JM-90T bridge; built in piezo
Cover: Cream
Bridge: Mastery M1
Vibrato: Duesenberg RL Vibrola
Tuners: Gotoh Kluson style SD91, nickel
Knobs: Witch hats, black
Switches: 3 Switchcraft slider switches, black: piezo on/off, tap, bass cut; 3-way toggle with gold contacts
Output: Switchcraft
Case: Hiscox with Deimel logo

Additional information


Deimel Firestar


Mastery Bridge M1 + Düsenberg Tremolo



built in piezo disk


Any anodized aluminum, Natural anodized aluminium

Pickup Brand


Pickup Type

Single Coil

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