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Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«, heavily aged finish

Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«
Deimel Singlestar »Silver Space«

Our newest addition to the Deimel Singlestar family is a heavily aged, super sounding BoltTone in »Silver Space«! The use of an one piece, super light red alder slab, well-seasoned, hand selected figured maple, and a macassar ebony fretboard are the foundation of it’s pure and great guitar tone.
We decided to »quote« the diagonal shape of a G-style 2 P90 Special pickguard, morphed with a Junior shape on the right, by using a see-through tortoise celluloid material …

This guitar is hand made for you.
Building time is currently 9-12 months.

Product Description

… The bridge again is our favorite Deimel Vibratone, a guarantee for sustain, tuning stability and attack. The overall guitar looks like a heavily used instrument already, all metal surfaces are matt, or tarnished, and the nitro finish is beautifully laced in horizontal, long hairline cracks all over the body and neck surface. A heavy aging mostly on the body tells a well-loved story and that suits so well to the tone. This guitar is already able to spit out: raw and lascivious, with a honky midrange, and super responsive, detailed chord definition.

What the woods already promise, is being picked up by two Deimel hand wound P90/S90 tap pickups. Both coils are made of vintage style ingredients; rough, sand casted Alnico 5 (on bridge) and aged rod magnets (on neck), wound with Plain Enamel AWG 42 wire. Both have an additional tap coil wound on top of them.
The controls are volume, tone and tap-blend, which is a new feature on our guitars: the tap-blend pot allows for dialing continuously between the lowest and the highest output of both pickups simultaneously. So, when the tap blend is turned down, the neck pickup behaves like a great old vintage S-type neck PU, whereas the bridge P90 has almost the bite and clarity of a T-Style bridge PU. Once you dial the tap-blend (mostly on the first third) both pickups start to change their characteristics according to the amount of wire used by the pot.
Fully open, the neck pickups turns out to be a very strong and thick sounding S-type pickup, almost unheard, and the bridge pickup becomes the fattest, creamiest P90 beast with all that necessary grind and punch!
The really nice thing is that with a quick flip on the pot, you gradually choose everything in between on both pickups at the same time! This allows for a really easy and intuitive use of the guitars voice, almost as if you would have an adjustable boost pedal on your guitar, but all passive!
Especially when in addition playing around with the passive volume and tone controls, endless variations in the guitars voice are adjustable without getting your mind around too many controls!
The Singlestar BoltTone comes stringed up with handmade Gabriel Tenorio strings, in a very sturdy Hiscox case, and is hungrily lurking for to be set free on stage soon!

Body: Very light one piece red alder
Neck: Bolt on highly figured maple neck
Neck finish: Transparent laquer, nitro
Fretboard: Macassar Ebony
Inlays: Pearl dots
Frets: 22, Stewmac Pyramid
Scale length: 25.5”, compound radius 9.5” to 12”
Neck shape: Medium 59LP
Headstock: Black fiber with pearl logo inlay, 3L3R
Nut: Unbleached bone
Glue: Polyurethan epoxy glue
Color: »Silver Space«, classic nitro finish
Extras: Heavy aging of finish, aged metal parts
Pickguard: One piece tortoise celluloid
Back plates: Bakelite
Pickups: Deimel SP90 tap neck + Deimel P90 tap bridge, black covers
Bridge: Deimel Vibratone
Tuners: Gotoh Kluson style, aged
Switches: 3-way Switchcraft toggle
Knobs: 3 x Glendale dome knobs, aluminum
Pots: Bourns 500kOhm Vol+Tone, Lindy Fralin Blender for continuous boost from low to high output on both pickups
Caps: TAD Vitamine Q, PIO, 22nf
Wire: Cotton push back, braided shield wire, 7 stranded
Output: Switchcraft, Schaller output plate, satin
Case: Hiscox with Deimel logo

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Deimel Singlestar


Deimel Vibratone




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Single Coil

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