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10-String Deimel Firestar »Black Gloss«

10-String Deimel Firestar
10-String Deimel Firestar
10-String Deimel Firestar
10-String Deimel Firestar

This guitar can be custom made for you.
Building time is currently 9-12 months.

Product Description

Body: Red alder, one piece, thermo treated
Neck: Non figured maple
Neck finish: Transparent laquer, gloss
Fretboard: Indian Rosewood
Frets: 21, Wagner Medium Jumbo
Inlays: MOP
Scale length: Long scale 25.5” with compound radius 9.5” to 12”, other scales available
Neck shape: 59JM thin, a bit wider for 10 strings, custom shapes possible
Headstock:  Black fiber with pearl inlay logo, 10R
Tuners: Gotoh SDS510, 10-string
Nut: Unbleached bone
Glue: Polyurethane
Color: »Black Gloss«, thin, filled grain, opaque, gloss
Extra: Aging of metal parts
Pickguard: 3 part with black anodized aluminium center and nickel control plates
Pickup neck: Lindy Fralin JM hum cancelling, raw nickel
Pickup middle: Teisco round poll, vintage
Pickup bridge: Deimel HB custom, raw nickel
Pickup extra: built in piezo disc body position
Bridge: Duesenberg
Vibrato: Mastery Deimel vibrato
Electricity: Upper left side: 3-way toggle; upper right side: 3 slider switches: piezo on/off, middle pu on/off, split for bridge HB
Knobs: Black witch hats for volume + tone
Caps: Vishay Sprague 1813,22nf
Pots: CTS, 500kOhm
Wire: Belden, 22 AWG
Output: Switchcraft
Case: Hiscox with Deimel logo

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